Oct 5, 2013

Happy Engagement Mini Gift Mini Post

I struggled with a title for this post. What do you call a little something to say 'Hey, I am super excited for you!!' ? I wouldn't necessarily call this a full-fledged gift. More of a mini-gift? Anyway, a friend (and one of the sweetest people I know) recently got engaged. We were meeting up for drinks to celebrate and I wanted to bring a 'little something'.

I find that I most often give bridal magazines to newly engaged friends. There is such a short period in your life in which browsing one is acceptable and I think they should enjoy it :). My favorite bridal magazine is probably Real Simple Weddings. I couldn't find it at the time I gave this gift so I substituted a Martha Stewart. While at the store I picked up a few other little things that always come in handy for a bride to be - thank you notes and to do lists. I know I went through my fair share for our wedding.  I tied some twine, added some washi tape, and a few little notes - and that's it (like I said - mini gift).

A mini-post for a mini-gift. :)


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