Nov 12, 2013

DIY Rustic Garden Party Place Cards

I know what you are all thinking...'Finally, a use for those teeny tiny clay pots at the craft store!' (Not to mention all that moss in my backyard.)

It must be the holiday and entertaining season that has place cards on my mind. I seldom throw or attend parties where place cards are used, but I have always loved them. My little pumpkin place cards are happily awaiting Thanksgiving. Despite the fact that it is winter and not the time of year for garden parties, I thought I would share these anyway. And I might be crazy, but I think these guys are pretty versatile. I can see them on a rustic Thanksgiving table, a lovely outdoor wedding, or a backyard BBQ. This one is currently sitting on my kitchen windowsill an making me smile while I do dishes.

A note about the moss: I used live moss as I have tons of it in my backyard where the grass is supposed to be...sigh. You can also used preserved moss. With live moss I would not make these more than 2 weeks in advance. Although perhaps if you spritz it with a little water it would keep longer.

Tiny terra cotta pot
Styrofoam ball with a diameter slightly smaller than pot opening
Live or preserved moss
Small stick
Brown textured paper
White paint pen or chalk marker
Tape or glue
Small stick

1. Put the styrofoam ball into the clay pot. The ball should stick partially above the top of the pot for that nice 'rounded' look.
2. Cut a piece of the moss and cover the styrofoam ball. Trim the edges as necessary.
3. Cut a rectangular piece of the brown textured paper and write the name with a white paint pen or chalk marker. I used textured paper and kept the edges of the paper a little uneven to make it look like a tiny wooden sign.
4. Adhere the paper to the small stick with tape or glue.
5. Push the stick down through the moss into the styrofoam.


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