Apr 6, 2014

A Toddler's Easter Card

Well, we are in full birthday party preparation mode here. Today alone we made cookie dough, shaped fondant, made icing, and spray painted cardboard airplanes (yes, they are adorable and I will put them in a future blog post!). Most of my free time lately has been spent on party planning, but this week I had the idea for a quick Easter card to send to our families.

Now I am sure the grandparents enjoy getting snail mail from me, but I know that they love it in a whole different way when my son is involved (as they should). Obviously, at 2 my son has no real understanding of why you would send a card to someone in the mail. Even his interest in art is limited. However, he does like to paint with those colorful dot markers. He was probably a bit confused about why I only gave him yellow, but thankfully he has enough fun saying the word 'yell - owww' that he didn't really mind. If only he knew we were turning the dots into 'PEEPS!' as he says.

Here is what you need to get started:
White Flat notecards (I got mine at Paper Source)
Matching Envelopes
Dot Marker (yellow)
Fine Point Sharpie Pen

The idea is pretty simple. You let your little one go to town on the flat cards with the yellow dot marker. I just kept switching out the cards when they got sufficiently full. Then after they dry you turn the little dots into Easter chicks with eyes, a beak, legs, wings, and a little creativity.

I'm keeping this one for myself. I might just frame it and use it as a yearly Easter decoration.


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