Aug 23, 2015

Made with Love | A Free Printable Calligraphy Gift Tag

Here we go...I am attempting a quick blog post. I'm trying to get better about spontaneous blogging, no overthinking, no worrying, just a few thoughts and something fun to share. I have to say after years of primarily technical writing as an engineer, I have found it surprisingly difficult to write with my personality instead of extracting it out.

Today's 'quickie' is for all you fellow Makers out there, a little love for your handmade gifts. You spend hours lovingly hand making gifts for friends and family, and I think that deserves a little something special for the gift wrap.

The inspiration for this tag actually came from a friend. She is knitting a number of gifts for friends and family and asked if I could create a calligraphy design that she could print on care instruction cards. After a few tries, I had a design I was happy with and I am sharing it here free for anyone to use!

So here you go. You can print it, resize it, cut it into any desired shape. Have fun with it! Just please do not use this tag for profit or sell it.

I'd love to see how you style it and your handmade gifts as well. Tag me on instagram @theselittleloves or find me on Facebook. Need inspiration for handmade gifts? Here are a few of my most popular handmade gift ideas: a bunny ear teetherwaterproof picnic blanket, grilling prep plates, burp cloths, family celebration plaque, monogram art.



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