Nov 8, 2015

DIY Military Family Wall Art | Home is Wherever You Are

You may have noticed that I've been a bit silent on the blog front. Things have gotten full time crazy over here. We've got big exciting things happening, not the least of which is that we bought a house! Aaaaahhhh. And not just any house, but one that needs major renovations before we move in. I've never been so excited and so nervous at the same time:). This is an answer to a long term prayer and I am beyond thankful. I'm sure you will be hearing more than you want in future blog posts, so for now we'll just leave it at that!  

All these thoughts of home and moving and family reminded me of a piece of art I did a while back for some friends. Like most military families, our friends move around quite a bit. They came to me wanting something for their walls that tracked their various living places, but with the idea that home is more than a house or a city. After a little brainstorming we settled on this simple, graphic, and sophisticated design that could be easily updated with future moves. 

The whole project turned out to be very simple to make. I cut the USA map out of bristol paper using my Silhouette Cameo. After sketching the words carefully in pencil first, I used a Nikko G nib to calligraph 'home is wherever you are' across the blank white map. 

Instead of the classic 'push pin' in the map, we went with a small gold dot drawn in with a gel pen. 

To give the map a bit of dimension on the wall, I used sticky foam squares to raise the main portion of the map up from the black paper background. Hawaii and Alaska were a bit too small to raise up, so they were glued down flat. The end result was simple and I love it. I hope it reminds them of all the homes they have shared and the people they have met along the way. 

As a little bonus piece for the kiddos, our friends also wanted a copy of this adorable artwork found at Hobby Lobby. DIY word art (not calligraphy) scares the tar out of me, but I gave it my best shot! Armed with more bristol paper and a black marker, I made a black and white version after only about three total failures.  

I hope you find a little inspiration from these pieces to customize your walls with pieces you love.


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