Jun 4, 2024

Father’s Day DIY Roundup: BBQ edition

My husband loves grilling and BBQing (yes, there is a difference, I’m from TX). The more grilling for him, the less cooking for me. Win win. My enthusiastic support for his BBQ skills often translates to gifting ideas, and in this case, a little DIY fun as well. 

These Father’s Day DIYs have been taking up space in my head for, not kidding, years! I’m glad I actually have the time to share them with you! And the best part…they don’t look like DIYs and Dad will actually use them. 

Branded Cutting Board

This DIY is a combo. First, you need a steak brander. Yes, that exists. They are pretty fun, actually. I got my husband a custom monogrammed brand from Williams-Sonoma a few years ago, but they also have similar options on amazon. If you have a steak brander, it is super easy to customize a wood cutting board. It took all of about 5 minutes. I heated the brand on my gas stovetop directly in the flame. Then, using these amazing gloves (which also make a great gift to pair with this DIY), I added the brand to the corner of a large wooden cutting board. If you follow me on instagram @theselittlelovesgifting then I have a reel showing the process. My cutting board is a bamboo one from IKEA, but this amazon version looks perfect also. 

Customized Spice Rub Jars

Supplies: Glass Airtight Jars with Wood Lids, Black vinyl and transfer tape, Silhouette or similar cutting machine 

For the custom vinyl labels, I found a cow and a pig design for purchase in the silhouette online store and then overlaid text in the design software. Don’t forget to clean the glass jar before you apply the vinyl. If you have never applied vinyl before, find a quick video online first. It is very straightforward, but seeing it once really helps. For an extra fun touch, you can fill the jars with his favorite beef and pork spice rubs. If you need a few to try, our favorite beef rub for steaks is Samurai Seasoning, for brisket we love Lane’s, and our favorite pork rub is DIY but worth it. Note: the jars in the photo were purchased a few years ago from The Container Store, and aren’t available anymore. If you want a similar look, I’ve found a few available on amazon. Just make sure you double check they are for food storage and have a good seal. A few similar looking options I found on amazon are: option 1, option 2

Waxed Canvas BBQ Tool Organizer

Supplies: waxed canvas and matching thread, sewing machine, leather strap

Finally, this DIY was specifically designed for the grilling tools my husband likes to take with us camping. The waxed canvas and leather strap are meant to look great even with wear, the pockets fit the tools and meat thermometer perfectly, and it keeps the utensils organized in our camping kitchen box. You will want to customize this tool roll to the size you need. Start by laying out your chosen utensils on the waxed canvas to get an idea of the overall size for the finished tool roll. Don’t forget to account for the seam allowances on each side and the fold-over pocket at the bottom. Cut to your desired size and add a small rolled hem around the fabric toward the inside of the tool roll. Then fold the bottom flap up and sew vertical seams to make the pockets. Finally add the leather strap (cut long enough to wrap several times around the organizer when rolled) by sewing a square with a center x where it attaches to the waxed canvas. This gift pairs really well with a nice pair of smaller tongs, some camping utensils, or a great meat thermometer. Here is a photo of the tool roll unrolled to help you get an idea of the design! (Message me on instagram if you want more measurement specifics.)

I hope you found some inspiration here for some high-quality DIYing for those awesome Dads. 


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