Apr 15, 2024

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2024

I was on my 6th category of Mother’s Day gifts and decided I should stop. More than that and you might start to think I am a bit obsessive about gift giving 😅. But if your mom loves plants, pickleball, baking, tea, being creative, or has 3 young boys, then you are in luck. (Hmm…it is almost like I love plants, pickleball, baking, tea, being creative, and have three young boys.) Plus, I threw in one bonus category as a surprise at the end! 

But seriously, mothers do a whole heck of a lot of making other people feel loved and special. Use this holiday to show them that you appreciate it. 

First up…plant lovers. 

1. This plant parent gift set has a great collection of supplies that any plant parent could use. 
2. I’ve got these snips on my wish list for sure. 
3. Etsy is always a great place to find unique gifts, but this live edge wood plant propagation vase looks amazing. 
4. This repotting mat is a genius idea and makes clean up so much easier. 
5. A tool to help you figure out if your plants need more or less water, which seems to be the main issue with keeping mine alive. 
6. These modular trellis systems are perfect for adjusting to fit your plants and space. 

I know coffee gets a ton of love out there, with good reason, but I am hooked on a really good cup of loose leaf tea.

1. Traveling with loose leaf tea has always been quite a production. (Yes, I bring tea with me on vacation.) I just got myself this travel loose leaf stop infusion mug and I LOVE it. 
2. An assortment of loose leaf teas to sample would be so fun to try new flavors without buying a whole tin. 
3. I drink my tea black, but if I want sweetener I either go for runamok maple syrup or honey
4. If you don’t know about Ember mugs yet, they are pretty life changing. I was skeptical, but I use it every single day. This rose gold color has me contemplating buying a second. 
5. A fancy soap that smells like black tea. 
6. A nice tea scoop is a must for loose leaf. 
7. Fortnum and Mason is by far my favorite tea out there. I ship it over from London (or have family bring it home when they travel) and these three flavors are GOOD. Again in a sampler set so you can test them out! 

Oh pickleball. You either make fun of it or are completely obsessed, it seems. But, really, it is just so dang fun. Who cares if it is serious or not?

1. Pickleball eye protection for the avid player who still wants to look cute. 
2. Cute pickleball socks. I love that the pickleball aesthetic has a sense of humor! 
3. Nice clean sunscreen to keep in their bag. 
4. Vuori gift card. Seriously the most comfortable active and lounge clothes ever. 
5. Pickleball stickers or keychains to add some flair to their water bottle and bag. 
6. Teleties hair ties to keep their game hair looking great. 
7. This little clip pouch is so useful to clip in your pickleball bag. 
8. A big water bottle to rehydrate between games. 
9. I have these bright pink balls and I LOVE them. 
10. A cute carabiner to clip their bag onto the fence. 

Also, maybe just go play pickleball with her. She’d probably love that. 

For all those creative mamas…

1. I just got this kit for myself and I am in love with everything sheep creek studio has right now. I love that this is a creative project that results in a decoration you can keep and pull out at Mother’s Day every year!
2. A perfect tag for someone who spends a whole lot of time knitting/crocheting gifts for family. 
3. I love this watercolor artist and follow her on instagram. This new book of hers is beautiful and a great way to work on watercolor skills! 
4. A gorgeous magnetic needle minder is a special treat for anyone who does embroidery/cross-stitch. 
5. Creative people tend to travel with their projects, why not make them a new project bag!? Or buy them the pattern so they can make it themselves if you are less creatively inclined. 
6. I’ve got this pretty measuring tape on my wish list. Great to keep in my purse or in my sewing basket. 
7. A cute project notebook is always helpful for keeping track of sketches, ideas, and project iterations. 
8. Gift cards to supply stores is a fun find. Michaels and Joann’s are good spots, but bonus points if it is a great local shop or small business
9. There are so many options for online classes from artists these days. I love Laurie Anne Art and am currently taking her art classes online to learn how to paint with acrylic. 

For all those moms whose love language is baking for family/friends…

1. Little notes that can be used for anything, but especially adding a little tag to any gifted goodies. 
2. A gorgeous super nice apron 
3. This vanilla bean paste is a splurge for sure, but SO good and a perfect way to spoil a baker. 
4. Rifle paper co kitchen towel
5. A Silpat pastry mat for rolling out dough on countertops

Is this category super specific? Yes. Is it also super accurate? Yes. But these gifts would also apply to anyone with very active and loud children who get really hangry. 

1. Welly first aid kits…one for the car and one for your purse
2. A nice pair of ear plugs because sometimes you just need it more quiet. Not kidding once my husband and I overnighted these to us on christmas vacation because we forgot them. 
3. These vuori joggers have become my mom uniform. Trust me. They are amazing. Your mom deserves them. 
4. Emergency snack bag. I have to have snacks on me AT ALL TIMES. It is much easier if they aren’t just loose in my purse. 
5. Get a comfy sideline setup. Odds are you will spend a lot of time on a sports sideline. 
6. A mini theragun to help ease the stress in those shoulders 
7. A nice, washable hat for being active and sitting on those sidelines. 
8. My boys have basically spent their entire life running. I’m not sure if they know how to walk. My oldest’s favorite game to play at a park when he was a toddler was called ‘RUN!’ Running shoes are a must. 

And now the bonus category! Those sweet sentimental Mother’s Day (or grandmother’s day!) gifts. 

These sweet gifts are a great way to capture memories. 

1. Turn their sweet little handwriting into a piece of art. 
2. I got this for my mom last Mother’s Day with all her grandkid names on the sleeves. A big hit. 
3. A sweet photo keychain
4. Another option for handwriting gifts, especially if there are multiple kids. 
5. Schedule a photo session with a local photographer a few months out (give her time to pick outfits!). 

As always, check my insta @theselittlelovesgifting for more fun, creativity, and gift ideas in real time. My ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Gifts for Her’ instagram story highlights are another great place to find gift inspiration for your special mom (or mother figure). 



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