Feb 5, 2023

Class Valentines That Won’t Get Thrown Away

Class valentines don’t have to be throw aways. Get creative. Have fun. Make it a project with your kids. Here are some fun and inexpensive alternatives to box valentines from the store that just end up in the trash. 

Personalized Backpack Keychains - wellnamed.net is a great resource for keychains at just 1$ a piece! And bonus…you are supporting a teacher-owned small business. 

Plantable Paper Hearts - Package these up in cute bags or add a little extra with tiny pots and dirt. 

Playdough - These tiny party favor sized Playdough tubs are fun and cute. You can add gems or googly eyes or pipe cleaners and turn it into a creative kit! 

Personalized Rainbow Name or Initial Crayons - A silicone mold and a bunch of broken crayons can turn into something beautiful! 

Color change markers or marker stamps - I love the idea of splitting up a set of specialty markers and gifting them individually as valentines. 

Handmade name bracelets - A fun DIY for kids to make for their friends. 

Lego Hearts - You can order individual lego pieces from bricklink.com. The part number for red heart pieces is 3176. 

Diamond Painting Sticker Kits - Give parents a little break by occupying their kid with a creative project. And the kids end up with a fun sticker.  

Water Beads - Split these up into little containers, but be sure to add instructions! (and maybe a note that they are not candy)



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