Feb 9, 2023

Gift Ideas for Mom


Here is a little trick for giving gifts to moms. Think about them. Just stop and think about what they like, what stresses them out, how they relax, what they haven’t gotten to do for a while, what they liked before they had kids. Just watch. Listen. Take notes. It means the world to us. I’ve collected a few suggestions below to help you on your way. You’ll notice it is a mix between addressing the hard parts of mothering and encouraging some fun/self care.  

1. ReMarkable Tablet - Because moms have SO many lists in our head all the time. This helps organize our thoughts/projects/lists without sucking us into the black hole of the internet. 

2. Ember Mug - Because moms NEVER get to drink our coffee/tea hot. This felt a little ridiculous when my husband gave it to me a while back, but now I use it EVERY DAY and it has taken the stress out of trying to down my morning tea before it goes cold with three kids yelling at me. 

3. Vuori Joggers - Oh man. Comfiest. Pants. Ever. I mean seriously. It is almost impossible to not be relaxed in these. 

4. House Plants - House plants make us happy. I can’t really explain it. Start with something low maintenance. Just be careful - it quickly gets out of hand and your house may turn into a jungle. :)

5. Plant Propogation Station - So we can turn our plants into more plants. 

6. Initial Necklace - Jewelry can be tricky to gift, but I absolutely love this initial necklace from Maya Brenner. It is super high quality, minimalist, and can be worn daily. 

7. A Creative Class - This one might not be for everyone, but if she enjoys creative outlets, sign her up for a fun class. It can be virtual so she can go at her own pace, or in person and it can be a date night or outing with a friend. A few of my favorites have been a calligraphy class, a macaron baking class at Sur La Table, watercolor tutorials from letsmakeart.com, and an acrylic beginner painting class from Laurie Anne Art

8. Gift Card Bundle to her favorite ‘treat’ spots - Some people think gift cards are impersonal. BUT what if you pay attention to where she goes when she needs a little pick me up or treat. Grab gift cards to her favorite coffee shop, bakery, pedicure place…you get the idea. That way she can get a little guilt-free self care the next time she needs a pick me up. 

9. DIY Framed Kid Silhouettes - Sweet. Simple. Inexpensive. It preserves their sweet little faces in such a unique way. This checks all the boxes. Take profile photos of the kids from the same distance away, print, and cut them out. Then trace them onto black paper and put them in a frame. Couldn’t be easier. 

I hope the moms in your life feel seen, loved, and special :). ~Bethany

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