Nov 25, 2023

Preteen Boy Gift Guide


So, ‘preteen boy’ is not really something I ever thought I would have insight into, but with three little dudes in my house, I guess I have had to learn! Also, most of these gift recommendations would be great for a wide range of kids (and girls too, but I have less experience there). Hope this helps you find the perfect gift! 

Audi RS Q e-tron Lego Technic - grown up remote control lego, who wouldn’t like this?

Shashibo cube - These are amazing and super fascinating to play with. The number of shapes you can make with it is incredible. Even my younger boys are obsessed with these. We have four.

Books: give the latest book in their favorite series, like the most recent Percy Jackson book, or the first book in a new series to get them started on something new!

Aerobie pro lite - can fit in your pocket and super fun to throw around with friends, split this three pack among stockings

Goodr sunglasses - I love these inexpensive and super colorful sunglasses 

QWIXX - addicting game that doesn’t take forever

3D maze ball - I plan on handing mine this whenever I hear ‘I’m bored’ 

Nintendo switch joystick covers - these come in a ton of different game themes and helps them personalize their switch

MEL chemistry or CrunchLabs subscription - two subscription kits that are great for older kids. 

Calvin and Hobbes - a classic, every kid should read, but they seem to really resonate with the 4-7th grade boy crowd

Fidget Cube - this is a great fidget that can be done with one hand to help focus, plus the green one kind of looks like a creeper from Minecraft

Globles - great stocking stuffer and boredom buster

Gaming Socks - I got these for my son and his BFF cousin this year as a stocking stuffer

Kanoodle Genius - I love these brain teaser games, fun, great for travel, makes them think. 

Lego Stuntz bike - Not your typical lego, these motorcycles drive and do all sorts of tricks off ramps, etc. 

Amiibo - It took me a long time to get what these actually are, but apparently they are scannable figures that give them extra stuff in the game. Not sure I still totally understand it, but grab one for their favorite switch game and they will love it. 

(This is not a sponsored list. These are all my personal recommendations. This post has affiliate links. It does not impact your price on any of your purchases but I get a (very very) small credit for the referral.)


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