Nov 26, 2023

Kid Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2023


I love stocking stuffers for so many reasons. First, we always open stocking stuffers first thing in the morning…the whole rush out of bed craziness and excitement. By the time we finish opening the stockings, my husband and I reeeeallly want a shower and a coffee (and the boys definitely need to eat). Which brings me to my second reason I love them…they keep my boys entertained while I get some caffeine! Here is a quick list of some ideas to include to give you a few minutes peace before the rest of the present opening madness. :) 

Ooly art supplies - I love this brand. They are cute, creative, and so fun. These stampables are going in my littlest’s stocking this year. These tutti fruitti multi color gel pens, neon watercolors, rainbow colored pencils, and macaron erasers are all on our wish lists!  

Lego poly bags - Lego poly bags are awesome, but this Hogwarts one is one of the best I have seen. The pieces can build into several versions on Hogwarts castle. Super fun. 

Globles - Kids love squishy things haha. 

Plus Plus critters and baseplate - We are new to the plus plus world (we also love the dupes in the target dollar spot!), but I got these little critter packs at Whole Foods as stocking stuffers this year and I can’t wait to gift them. And I had no idea that plus plus baseplates existed. 

Travel watercolor set - I have gifted these several times. The watercolor is on the page so all you need is a brush and water…perfect for travel! And after you paint them, you can detach the color squares and they can be bookmarks. 

Bubble bath - This is on our stocking list every year. What kid doesn’t love a good bubble bath? This unscented version is great for anyone, especially those with sensitive skin. 

Diamond painting kits - Obviously, my kids are in to Harry Potter right now, so I had to pick these up at Michaels when I saw them, but there are so many options for diamond painting kits. 

Wiki Stix - Grab a tube of wiki stix and see what kids will create. Our kids loved these when they had them at our favorite restaurant for kids. 

Lego Stuntz Bike - These are driving all over my house these days. Only 5$ and they do awesome stunts. My kids are building ramps and jumps out of magna tiles, furniture, and cardboard. 

Welly bandaids - We love these bandaids and the refillable tins they come in. I usually pick a theme each kid likes and toss it in their stocking. 

Special Rainbow Loom bands - My nieces taught me how to do rainbow loom last year and I can safely say I would have made a million of these as a kid. I may have made several as an adult ;). These color changing bands would add some fun flair to their bracelets. 

Yoto cards - Assuming the child has a yoto player (we LOVE this mini version), more story cards would be a perfect stocking stuffer! 

My list could go on and on, but I’m going to pause it here. Follow me on instagram @theselittlelovesgifting for more gifting ideas throughout the year! 

This is not a sponsored post or an add. Some of these links are affiliate links which means I get a very small referral fee, but it doesn’t impact your price at all. 


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